Ditch Insecurity, Low Self-Esteem, and Disordered Eating So You Can Finally Free Yourself And Focus On Your True Values

We'll cover:​


  • The 3 limiting beliefs that feed your insecurity and hold you back from becoming the woman you want to be

  • How to banish disordered eating with 3 revolutionary mindset shifts so you can quickly recognize urges before they become behaviors

  • How to release the toxic guilt and shame about what you eat so you can feel empowered by your nutrition goals

  • The essential psychology hacks to getting you back in control of your life with sustainable behavior change (no matter the goal!)

Jenny Owens

My  battle with disordered eating started in elementary school. As I got older my thoughts got darker and the behaviors got worse, and I wasn't the only one. It felt like everyone around me was trapped in the same cycle of low self esteem and fad diets.  I watched my friends struggle, even the ones getting professional help. And it made me so mad. I was inspired to study Psychology, I figured that would be a good solution. But during my graduate school coursework and work with patients I saw the same troubling pattern: a lot of people struggling and not a lot of people finding solutions that actually changed their life. 

Myself included.


I felt embarrassed being a clinician who struggled with my own mental health and dangerous behaviors. Then I felt angry that there wasn't a clear path forward. 


Until I found behavior analysis- a branch of psychology that focuses on overt behavior change and significant life changes. 

But something was still missing. 

It took a severe eating disorder relapse in my 30s to finally find what it was. Reducing dangerous behaviors was hugely important, but replacing them with functional alternatives was life changing. 

Combining psychology, fitness, and a realistic view of nutrition meant finally moving away from the recovery/relapse roller coaster and into a life where I could access real joy, handle the dark times with grace, and finally feel free from impulses to binge eat, under eat, and over exercise. 

The good news is: You don't need years of trial and error, a masters degree in psychology or a board certification in behavior analysis to feel the same freedom that I feel. I've done the work for you, and I can't wait to share. 




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