The Programs

All programs are 100% customized based on your goals and your starting point. 

You will get access to my app that makes it easy to view your goals, assess your progress, track your macros, and follow your custom workouts with instructions and videos. 

All programs have weekly check-ins so we can modify your plan as you progress and of course, you will have constant support from me!

Nutrition Coaching

Custom macro planning to maximize your results and optimize your metabolism or macro based vegan meal plans created in consultation with a registered dietician.

Nutrition coaching includes cardio and supplement recommendations

Fitness Coaching

Workouts created just for you! Custom plans based on your goals, lifestyle, and starting point designed to be done at home or gym with whatever equipment you have access to. 

Cardio and supplement recommendations included. 

Behavioral Support

While typically left out of fitness and nutrition programs, our minds are incredibly powerful. For those struggling with challenges like binge eating, fear of eating more, anxiety related to training, or the general feeling that they cannot meet their goals "no matter what," one on one psychological support sessions will teach you the tools to overcome the barriers preventing you from living your life with vitality.  

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