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Using the science of behavior to create positive habits and lasting changes.

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These are common, but you do not have to simply accept them.

Learn the tools to meet your goals through self love, not negative self talk. 

Working with a coach means professional guidance, consistent support and accountability, and custom plans that will maximize your results while keeping your food intake high, your cardio low, and your self esteem thriving.

Why Work with a Coach?

You've tried intermittent fasting, cutting sugar, low carbs, juice cleanses, hours of cardio, and you still haven't gotten results.

Or maybe you got results initially, then the cravings hit and you lost all your progress and then some.

Maybe you are interested in joining a gym but you are worried you won't know what to do when you get there,

or you've been lifting for a while and aren't seeing the muscle growth you were expecting. 

These experiences may have left you feeling helpless, like nothing will work, or that something must be wrong with you. Negative experiences around health and wellness take many forms. These include binge eating, fear of eating "off plan," the impulse to further restrict your diet or amount of food, and general thoughts of not being good enough.


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About Me


10 years ago I entered the field of behavior analysis knowing only that I wanted to learn how to best serve people.  The science of human behavior, and the opportunity to apply it in unique ways to change lives, captured my heart then and is my true passion now. I graduated from UC Davis with my Bachelors in psychology, completed my Masters in Behavior Analysis at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, and have been a Board Certified Behavior Analyst since 2015. 

After decades of disordered eating, binge/restrict cycles, fad diets, gaining and losing the same 20 pounds, and low self esteem, I knew I deserved better. I devoted my time to learning how to treat myself with compassion, not punishment. I learned how to change my body through science, not harm. I learned it was ok to eat more, lift heavier, and to stop deciding my worth based on the number I saw on the scale. Doing it without animal products was the icing on the cake!

I know how it feels to be at war with your reflection and to wonder if things will ever change. I know how liberating it is when those feelings fade and are replaced by empowerment and confidence.

I also know how overwhelming it is to make these changes alone among an endless sea of misinformation and dieting rules (no carbs? no food after 7? not here!)


You CAN change your body, you CAN change how you feel about food, you CAN build serious muscle without eating meat, and I can't wait to show you how!

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My Coaching Philosophy

I believe firmly that training should be a celebration of strength and dieting should be an exercise in creativity and abundance. Long term success means making easy changes that will work for you and your life with big celebrations for each success along the way.