Mastering Motivation

The Secret To Meeting Your Health and Fitness Goals, No Matter How Many Times You've Tried And Failed In The Past.

Hi friend, it's nice to meet you.

If you're here, it's because you're feeling stuck.

You're tired of feeling bad about how you look and more than that, you're tired of setting goals for yourself only to fall off track and feel worse than before.

You're wondering if it's possible to have a healthy relationship with diet and exercise and if it's even appropriate to wish you looked different while also valuing self-love.

I know, because I spent years (literally decades) in the exact same place. Wondering if I was a hypocrite for hating my reflection while believing in body positivity and feeling like an absolute fraud for being a clinician who struggled with disordered eating, terrible self-esteem, and the sinking feeling that even though I knew what I should be doing, I'd never quite be able to make it happen.

Let me tell you a story.

Years ago I was sitting awake late at night scrolling social media and feeling terrible about myself. My finger moved on autopilot while the glow of Instagram made everything in the room sort of blue. The pit in my stomach grew as the negative thoughts came rolling in, getting meaner with each gorgeous, smiling, woman that came across my feed.

I said things to myself that will sound familiar to you. Things I had said to myself a hundred times before.

"I'm fat," "I need to change," "I know I'm going to fail like I always do, so who cares." "She looks so beautiful and happy, why can't I feel like that?" "I think I'd give literally anything to feel like that."

My fiancé slept peacefully beside me. As I watched his chest rise and fall, and listened to the deep sounds of his breathing, I was hit with a wave of shame, guilt, and anger.

Was I really going to spend the rest of my life feeling awful, doing destructive things to try and change my body, binge eating in secret after starving myself, then starting the whole process all over again? Was I prepared to jeopardize the relationships and career I cared so much about? It was like everything hit me all at once. I couldn't, and I wouldn't let this be my reality forever.

I spent the next year creating the program that ultimately changed my life. I realized that what was missing from my journey is what is missing for so many people- a whole person program. Trainers have one approach, nutritionists another, therapists a third, but no one had the whole person, inside and out, type of support I knew I needed. Through trial and error, clinical experience, research into the science of behavior change, the Mastering Motivation approach was born. This approach changed my life, it's changed my clients' life, and we can't wait to cheer you on as it changes yours!

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Are You Ready?

The Mastering Motivation approach is different than any diet or exercise plan you've tried before. I knew that if I wanted to find freedom from my low self-esteem and form a new relationship with my body (plus finally lose the weight and put on the muscle I kept trying and then failing at doing), I needed to do something radically different than everything I had tried in the past.

Based in psychology and behavior analysis, this approach focuses on the deeper meaning behind your goals, coaches you in proven techniques for building and sustaining motivation and does something no other plan does- teaches you how to respond to the insecurity and negative thoughts that have been keeping you from the confident and healthy life you deserve.

If you're ready to learn:

  • How to workout for your specific goals

  • How to eat for your goals without restrictive diets, disordered habits, or complicated plans


  • How to reframe your goals to set you up for success

  • How to actually enjoy the process so you can be excited about the journey instead of dread it

  • What to do on those days you want to give up


  • A community of support and accountability

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